Stunning Level of Political Intolerance at Facebook, Google and other Big Tech Companies

As written and reported by Garrett Johnson and seen first on Fox News.

The tech giants of Silicon Valley, particularly Google and Facebook, have faced intense criticism in recent years for promoting partisan political agendas in the workplace. TwitterCEO Jack Dorsey even admitted recently that conservative employees at his company “don’t feel safe to express their opinions.”


To gain a clearer grasp of just how big a problem viewpoint intolerance is in the tech community, Lincoln Network commissioned a study that surveyed over 1900 tech professionals from across the country.


The results of the study, released this week, confirm a stunning level of viewpoint intolerance in the tech community. Analysis suggests that if companies are going to promote a political agenda, they must be more intentional about pushing tolerance efforts.


Nearly half of Lincoln’s 2019 Viewpoint Inclusion Survey respondents believe their companies promote a political agenda – specifically, a left-leaning one, with 47.7 percent of respondents saying their respective company has a clear liberal agenda, as opposed to the 37.9 percent who reported a conservative agenda.


Of these respondents, nearly half say the ideological atmosphere affects their ability to simply do their jobs. One respondent who identifies as “very liberal” says a previous employer in the tech industry encouraged political discussions that disrupted his work. “There was a lot of disharmony among employees,” the respondent said.


The experiences between employees at agenda-driven companies and those whose employers do not promote a specific agenda is vastly different. At agenda-driven companies, a startling 63 percent of tech professionals report that workplace ridicule is commonplace if you disagree with a colleague – a stark contrast to the 21 percent of employees who feel that way at their apolitical …..




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