Rep. Bradley Byrne: ‘The Left Is Trying to Silence Conservatives’

As written by Rep. Bradley Byrne in an exclusive for Breitbart.

There is something deeply troubling taking place in our country today. Liberal Elites, Big Tech, and the national news media are working overtime to silence conservatives and supporters of President Trump.


Just within the last few days, Twitter suspended the account of the film Unplanned, a new pro-life movie, for no apparent reason other than to censor their message of protecting innocent life and exposing Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. Their Twitter account was only restored after an outcry from conservatives who rightly pointed out that the account did not violate Twitter’s terms of service.


Even after the account was restored, numerous Twitter users, including U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, posted videos on their accounts showing that Twitter was blocking them from being able to follow the “Unplanned” account. While Twitter will assuredly chalk it up to a “bug in their system,” blatant censorship of conservatives by liberal tech companies is nothing new.


This all came after a months-long bullying, boycott, and censorship campaign by liberal activists against Unplanned, and an attempt to block the film from being released in the first place. Once it became clear the movie would be released, these liberal activists pressured television networks not to run commercials promoting the film, solely because it had a pro-life message.


Sadly, this isn’t the only recent case.


In an apparent effort to upstage their Big Tech comrades, liberal Hollywood celebrities have become unhinged over proposed anti-abortion legislation in Georgia that would protect the life of an unborn baby once a heartbeat is detected. Hollywood elites – from Ben Stiller to Alyssa Milano – have gone on profanity-laced tirades over the proposed legislation and have even threatened to cancel film projects in Georgia if the bill is signed into law, risking thousands of jobs over their pro-abortion agenda.


Liberal Elites have resorted to using a combination of boycotts and threatening language to bully conservatives and Trump supporters into submission. Their message is clear: If you dare deviate from elitist liberal orthodoxy, we will ……..





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