NewsGuard’s CEO Started a Media Watchdog Years Ago, Funded by Soros

After connecting the Knight Foundation, one of NewsGuard’s main investors, with George Soros, we kept digging and discovered the rabbit hole goes deeper.

Steve Brill, the CEO, and founder of NewsGuard launched Brill’s Content in June of 1998, which was a media watchdog publication that quickly ceased to exist in 2001. What did the publication do to close so quickly? Brill’s initial article, titled Pressgate, which was published in the first copy of Brill’s Content, caused quite a stir. The article stated that independent counsel Ken Starr and his office had been the source of much of the information leaked to reporters regarding the grand jury proceedings during the Monica Lewinsky trial and, as a result, Starr may have violated federal law or ethical and prosecutorial guidelines.

In response, Starr wrote —

“…that the article was replete with errors and rested on a fundamental misrepresentation of the law. “More disappointing, however, is that your reckless and irresponsible attack borders on the libelous,” Mr. Starr added.”

After the Pressgate article tanked, and because of a lack of money for the media watchdog, many editors and publishers for Brill’s Content started jumping ship. Who came to their rescue though? None other than George Soros, who bet $10M the publication would stay afloat. Although he was wrong and, as already noted, the publication closed its doors in 2001.

As noted in our previous article, outlining the connection between NewsGuard’s investors and the hard left billionaire investor, George Soros has been behind a large majority of the left’s agenda and fight against the right. In other words, he’s firmly planted on the left and has made it his mission to destroy conservative thought. He’s been behind the funding of protestors at Kavanaugh’s hearings, in order to help them get out of jail, he’s given $246M to help partners organize the feminists’ Women’s March, given to Fusion GPS, the firm behind the Steele dossier, and he’s helped fund Media Matters, an organization who has a stated mission of “comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media”, on top of a plethora of other radical left organizations.

So, not only do current NewsGuard investors have strong ties to George Soros’ foundation, which is fighting against the right, but their CEO has tried this type of venture in the past and was, at that time, partnered with and funded by Soros. Do you still think they, speaking of NewsGuard, are being completely objective and transparent?

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