Google’s ‘Slight of Hand’ Hides Independent News Source on Breaking Northam Yearbook Story

As Written by Andrew West for Flag and Cross.

There have been no shortage of concerns in our great nation that our right to free speech is disappearing before our very eyes.


The First Amendment is a beautiful, undeniably grand idea.  It has preserved our very way of life here in America for well over 200 years by allowing every man and women in this nation to speak out against the injustices they perceive in their every day lives, and to bring that attention to the highest levels of authority when necessary.


We fight for freedom, truth, and the pursuit of happiness every single day using the First Amendment, and we would hope that this trend continues for time immemorial.


The issue we face today, however, are the gargantuan media and informational companies that our government isn’t regulating in terms of the First Amendment.  Google is a particularly poignant example due to their overwhelming power on the internet.  Not only does a vast majority of internet traffic find itself directed by Google, but you yourself are directed by Google whenever you choose to use the GPS on your phone, or look for a restaurant recommendation.


Google’s only saving grace in these regards is their unregulated, but assumed benevolence.  Heck, if Google didn’t like you, they could send you 8 miles out of your way every time that you set the GPS to head home.  Or, even worse, they could route traffic to the roads outside of Microsoft’s headquarters in order to frustrate their employees’ commutes.


Simply put, we are assuming that Google isn’t that evil or petty or biased.  The issue is that there is plenty of evidence that Google is acting in bizarre and unexplainable ways…especially toward conservative Americans.


For instance, in the case of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s recent racist debacle, Google will let you search for and read a vast number of articles about it.  The problem is, they are all from inadequately auxiliary sources.


You see, the story of Ralph Northam’s bigoted medical school photo was broken by a news site called Big League Politics.  The site has a heavy conservative lean, and so they have been quite obviously shadow-banned by Google.


When you type “Ralph Northam Big League Politics” into Google, you actually will not receive a single link to the powerful, premiere article from the conservative news brand….only references to them in mainstream articles.



How on earth does this happen?  Simple:  Google is adjusting their algorithm to keep Big League Politics out of the search results.  [Author’s note:  If Google would like to provide a better explanation, I’d be glad to publish it.]


How does this jibe with the First Amendment?  Well, it doesn’t, but Google will claim that they are a “private company” that can act as they please.  This is akin to Hitler saying that “private companies” produced the yellow stars that the Nazis forced Germany’s Jews to wear on their clothing, or that a “private company” provided the fuel for their book-burning bonfires.


Then, to top it all off, we add Google’s Orwellian behavior into the mix, and the liberal mainstream media is beginning to look a lot like the fascists of yesteryear.


Now we must ask ourselves the tough questions here in America:  At what point does the First Amendment yield to the whims of a private company operating in the United States?


Hopefully, the answer is “never” and, hopefully, we let Google know this right away.  Otherwise we’ll all be wearing metaphorical yellow stars before we know it.




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