Facebook Deletes Conservative Network With Over 1.5 Million Followers

Facebook recently took the ax to another huge conservative network which they claim was in violation of their new made up rules. They’re coming up with any excuse they can. This time they are saying its their ads even though they use Instant Articles. This of course is the plan of Facebook. They forced users to use the Instant Articles feature (which benefits them), then punish them for using it. Here is another large casualty of Facebook’s quest to silence all conservative voices before the Presidential election in 2020. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to “come around” either. These deleted accounts appear to be very permanent. Read what happened below.

A network of conservative Facebook pages with 1.5 million followers was shut down just 24 hours before one of the most consequential midterm elections in recent memory, according to the proprietor of the network.


Addison Riddleberger is the 21-year-old founder of several large pages that deal with “many hot-button subjects through our Facebook distribution channel.” Riddleberger, a former Conservative Tribune writer, is the proprietor of such pages as “Standing for Americans,” “Freedom Catalog” and “Patriotic Folks.”


“But that’s all come to a crashing halt as we’ve lost three crucial things in what appears to be a last-second midterm purge: I lost my personal Facebook account (it’s been disabled), we lost over 1.5 million Facebook followers, and the $25,000 in Facebook approved ads we spent building our network has simply gone down the drain,” Riddleberger wrote in a news release.


In the release, Riddleberger insisted he’s kept abreast of Facebook’s policies regarding news — but that simply wasn’t enough for the suzerains of Menlo Park, apparently.


Riddleberger described how, “at 10:40 pm on November 4th, my personal Facebook account was disabled — where I am an administrator for the pages, where my family photos are posted, and where many years of my young life are documented.”


Many of us are familiar with losing our personal profiles and the nearly 11 years of our lives that we documented in Facebook. When you reach out to the Facebook God’s you either get stonewalled completely or they accuse you of using their platform in ways you never did. Keep on reading.



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