Enough is Enough! Spotify Blacklists PragerU Ads

As seen first on Breitbart and written by Lucas Nolan.

Music streaming service Spotify has banned advertisements from onservative educational website PragerU on its platform.

The conservative non-profit group PragerU – founded by radio host Dennis Prager to produce short informative videos on conservative topics — has reportedly had its advertisements blacklisted from Spotify. The music streaming service sent an email to PragerU stating:

Our policy team has re-reviewed the ads that you have submitted through Ad Studio and determined that the content of the ads do not comply with our editorial policies. On further review of your website, there are additional compliance concerns with the content of the site which listeners of the ads are directed to.


Our policy team has made the decision to stop all existing ads and not approve any new ads coming through in the future. Please let us know if you have any questions or require further clarification.

In a Twitter post, PragerU stated: “BREAKING: After only a couple weeks of advertising on @Spotify, they have made the decision to “stop all existing ads and not approve any new ads coming through in the future.” Also, they cite “additional compliance concerns with the content” on our website.” In another tweet, PragerU stated: “New platform, same results – more censorship of conservative ideas. We are still waiting for a reply from @Spotify as to which specific policy we didn’t comply with and what content on our website they have concerns over.





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